Executive Team & Board

Julie Evans
Julie Evans, Chief Executive Officer
Elaina Blount
Elaina Blount, Chief Financial Officer
Barell Morgan
Barell Morgan, Chief Program Officer
Dr. Antoinette Oliver
Dr. Antoinette Oliver, Chief People Officer
Diana Davis
Diana Davis, Director of Clinical Services
Katia Gonzalez Head Shot
Katia Gonzalez, Director of Training and Team Relations
Paige Higgins
Paige Higgins, Chief Advancement Officer

To contact Alliance For Children staff, please call the center closest to you:​

Arlington Center

Fort Worth Center

Northeast Center

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Executive Committee

Konrad Halbert, President                                                                                                                             
Melinda Westmoreland Nag, Secretary                                                                      
Nina Jones, Treasurer                                                                      
Tom Stallings, Vice President of Advancement                                                              
Debbie Fulwiler, Vice President of Facilities                                                                                       
Ryan Williams, Member at Large
Chief J.T. Manoushagian*, Member at Large                                                               
Larry J. Mike, II, Member at Large


Board Members                        

Haley Adams                                                                                                                           
Andy Bartlett                                                           
Debbie Bourdreaux*                                                                
Kelly R. Burke                                                        
Frank Cappuccio                                                                                      
Commander Chris W. Daniels*
Day Diaz                                                           
Chelsea Griffith
Jamie Holderby
Lt. Cameron Huggins*
Reid Hutcherson
Will Johnson
Jeff Leaverton
Mark Leigh
LeeAnn Marks*
R. Dyann McCully
Camille Sassman
Michael Shedd
Captain Mickey Shelley*
Regina Vasquez
Bill Vassar*
Monique Waggoner
Keri White
Brook Whitworth
Kathryn Wilemon
Marian Zinnante                                                                         
*These board members are partner agency employees who have been appointed to serve by their respective agencies.  They are voting members.