Screen Time Alternatives
Katia Gonzalez

Fun Alternatives to Screen Time

The past two months our blogs have focused on internet safety. One fail-proof measure to protect children from the dangers on the internet is to avoid screen time altogether. Now that we are past the stress and busyness of the holiday season, it is a great opportunity to connect to our children on a quality and personal level—no electronics needed! We have curated some activities that are sure to bring you closer together and have a positive impact on your children: 

  1.  Cook a meal or bake treats with your childrenThere are numerous benefits to spending time in the kitchen with children. Children can learn new skills and build the confidence that comes with creating something from scratch. This is also an excellent environment to have meaningful conversations with your kiddo. Most importantly—it’s super FUN!

  2. Get your children involved in giving back to the community: Research shows that children who volunteer have enhanced social skills and are less likely to engage in “at-risk” behavior. Volunteering at a local organization as a family is a wonderful way to bond with children and teach valuable life lessons. 

  3. Eat meals together: In a recent survey, teens were asked when they are most likely to talk to their parents—the top answer was family dinner time! Studies show enormous benefits to sharing a meal with family and it allows time to deeply connect to your child.

  4. Get involved in your children's passions: What better way to spend quality time with your child than doing something he or she loves? If your child loves to play the guitar, let him teach you to play a song; if your kiddos love basketball, play a game with them or learn some fun facts about their favorite team. Sharing in what your children love sends a non-verbal message that you care about them and value their individuality.

  5. Spend time outdoors: There is a strong correlation between health/well-being and spending time outdoors.  We know the Texas weather does not always make being outside pleasant, but there are plenty of fun things to do.  You can go to the park, grow a garden together or simply go for a walk.  


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About the Author

Katia Gonzalez works as the Community Outreach Coordinator for Alliance For Children. She educates adults in Tarrant County on how to prevent, recognize signs and responsibly report suspected child abuse. Last year, with Katia spearheading the initiative Alliance For Children educated over 3,200 Tarrant County adults. Along with this, Katia's passions include reading, baking, traveling and spending time with her husband and dogs.