Safe Baby Site

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Alliance For children offers a 30 minute presentation about the Tarrant County Safe Baby Site Program and the Baby Moses Law. Participants will learn about the devastating issue of newborn abandonment in our community, the Texas law that protects newborns and desperate parents and includes ways to get involved with this project by supporting designated Safe Baby Sites in Tarrant County.

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General Information

The “Baby Moses Law” is the common name for a law authorizing a designated emergency infant care provider (Safe Baby Site) to take possession of an unharmed child appearing to be 60-days-old or younger from the child’s parent, if the parent does not express intent to return for the child. A parent may leave at any time without divulging identifying information.

In the state of Texas, hospitals, fire stations and other emergency medical facilities are designated Safe Baby Sites and are trained and equipped to take possession of an infant. Designated MedStar ambulances are Mobile Safe Baby Sites in Tarrant County.

The “Baby Moses” law makes it legal for a parent to turn over newborns to qualified caretakers with no penalty to the parent if the child is unharmed and 60-days-old or younger.

A parent giving up a baby may voluntarily disclose background and medical information, but the parent is not required to do so under the law.

Infants given over will receive evaluation and placement in a permanent loving home where the child’s future is unlimited.